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      The Suzak is an extremely comfortable chair that will adapt to multiple seating positions because of its special spandex like fabric.

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      It’s a very versatile chair, that can be used in different spaces and contexts. depending on the context one of our sizes can fill your seating needs.

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      With its high caliber steel frame, heavy duty elastic fabric and resistant shock cord it will stand heavy use and will still look like a design object for years to come.

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      The cover of the Suzak is made out of a breathable fabric that Protects you and your family against allergens, dust mites and bacteria that normally concentrates in the fabric and foam found in upholstered chairs. And if you want to wash or change the cover it will take you around 10 minutes.

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      And its really easy to assemble and disassemble. You’ll receive the Suzak in a flat box and the assembly process takes around 4 minutes. An inverse process is used to disassemble and takes about the same time. So you can store or move it with ease.

    Customize Colors

    With 6 color options for the 3 separate elements of the chair, the initial offer has 216 different possibilities, so
    you can choose the combination of colors that suits your needs. And you can also buy separate covers and
    elastic cords so you can change your own chair whenever you feel like it.


    32 in


    39 in

    MEDIUM SIZE 32 in

    LARGE SIZE 46 in


    Height: 32in
    Width: 32in


    Height: 39in
    Width: 46in


    QSTO is a new company that believes that chairs today haven’t evolved enough. If you want a design chair you’ll be basically paying a lot for a product that wont adapt to the lifestyle of today’s market. We believe in simple, affordable and easy to use design than has more to offer than simple beauty.


    • Daniel Aristizabal

      Daniel is a business major, born in Nashville but raised in Medellin. His experience in sourcing for a mayor ceramic company.DANIEL@QSTO.CO

    • Esteban Aristizabal

      Esteban is a Mechanical Engineer, born in Chicago but raised in Medellin. With strong international design-engineering experience. ESTEBAN@QSTO.CO

    If your interested in the Suzak, have any inquiry or comment please contact us.

    INFO@QSTO.CO (+1) 786-5101091 or (+1) 786-6186118